Nov 21, 2013

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Muffle Furnace For Labs

Lab equipment is some of the most important devices on the planet. They assist laboratory technicians in verifying the safety of the medicine we take, the food we eat and the water we drink, as well as help in other processes for the better good of mankind. The quality of the laboratory equipment must be impeccable and flawless. It must work perfectly, every time, to ensure positive results and accurate properties. There are few other pieces of equipment that need to perform at such a high standard. One of the pieces of equipment that we rely on to work seamlessly and reliably every time is the muffle furnace.

All muffle furnaces are made, to standard, in a quality controlled process to ensure upstanding integrity. Muffler furnaces heat from a temperature of two thousand and twelv degrees farenheit to fourteen ninty two degrees farenheit making the model needed for the laboratory specific. There are several different varieties to choose from that deliver the needed heat for various laboratory tasks. Each model is protected from over heating and all power failures, which make them completely reliable and safe for any lab environment. Double steel walls and alumina fiber insulation minimize potentiality of heat loss, keeping the contents inside maintained at a consistent temperature and protecting their integrity.

The muffler furnace has a computer interface cable to record calculated results and to retrieve data in real time. It also displays the results on a data system within the computer. All of the units come with a long life type B thermocouple, micro based self tuner, thermal gloves for your protection and a built in ammeter as well as being CE compliant. It is controlled by a Shimaden forty segment digital controller with a built in USB adapter for computerized remote control and monitoring purposes, creating real time data recordings that provide detailed analysis at every step of the process. The machines are built to last and are made to provide critical data for all processes necessary to perform within the furnace walls. Dependability is a given for these strategically designed pieces of laboratory equipment. Be assured that they will deliver optimum results with great clarity every time.

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