Feb 18, 2015

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Movers in South Lake: Reasons You Need Moving Insurance

Most people, when moving with all their belongings to a new home, wonder if their things will be arriving in perfect condition. This is because accidents can happen even after hiring the most careful moving companies. In the same way, people get health insurance to safeguard their health, the same precautions should be taken when hiring movers in Southlake. This can help you sleep stress free, because you will be sure that everything will be safely delivered. The service providers of moving insurance have the following types of coverage for protecting your belongings during a move.

Basic coverage

According to the federal regulation requirements, every moving company is required to offer two types of coverage to consumers on out-of-state moves. These are:

•  Released value protection: This is set at 60 cents per pound, meaning that you will be reimbursed for everything at 60 cents per pound. This is included in the quote provided by your movers in Southlake.

•  Full value protection: This is offered by long distance movers when almost all the goods are worth more than 60 cents per pound. The coverage is based on the valuation of the content being transported at 1 percent per valuation. This leaves the moving company to decide on any compensation to be made for the property, either through repair or replacing the item with another one of like kind.

If any item is worth more than $100 per pound, it has to be listed on the shipping documents for caveat-movers to reimburse. For you to have this coverage, you are required to do an inventory of your belongings and list all things worth more than $100 per pound as set by surface transportation board. Visit the site to hire experienced movers in South Lake.

Expanded mover coverage

There are several options available to consumers depending on the risk tolerance. These include:

•  Declared value: This allows you to set per pound, the amount of your belongings. Individual items are replaced with such kind because items such as clothing have little cash value.

•  Assessed value: In this case, the consumer sets the amount by value instead of weight. This is more appropriate if you have a lot of small high-value items that do not weigh much.

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