Most Popular Types Of Contract Wallcoverings

When you are redecorating or designing a commercial space it can be tricky to figure out exactly how to cover the walls. While paint is always an option, in many spaces you may want the benefit of having a different type of wallcovering. This could be for aesthetic reasons, to make a particular room stand out or to switch out your style, or for practical reasons, to get the benefit of the soundproofing qualities fabric paper has. Whatever the reason, it can be tricky to find an alternative to paint that suits the style you wish to convey, your budget, and your purposes. Here are a few of the most popular types of contract wallcoverings, to help get you started.

Vinyl Coated Paper

Vinyl coated wallcoverings are essentially made of paper, and have a decorative design sprayed on them. In other cases, they are coated with acrylic or polyvinyl chloride to give them a unique look. This type of paper is easy to clean and resistant to grease and other forms of moisture, making them ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and entryways.

Paper Backed Or Solid Sheet Vinyl

Paper or pulp backed coverings have a solid vinyl decorative surface attached to them, and are incredibly durable. Like vinyl coated paper, it is incredibly durable and will hold up to repeated cleaning. It’s also moisture, grease, and stain resistant, making it ideal for most areas of your commercial space. It won’t maintain its attractive appearance, and may, in fact, peel or fade in areas where it is likely to get a lot of abuse, such as foyers or entryways.

Fabric Backed Vinyl

Fabric backed wallcoverings are growing in popularity, and consists of fabric attached to a vinyl decorative surface. They are durable, and can be washed and scrubbed without damaging the area. They are ideal for most areas of your commercial space, including offices, waiting areas, and hallways.

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