Monuments Last Longer with Sand Blasting in Atlanta, GA

One of the nicest ways to preserve the memory of a loved one is with a monument. A monument marks the grave and tells a story about the person it is dedicated to. It is not something that should be rushed, so it’s highly suggested that family members wait awhile after the funeral and take the necessary time to thoughtfully compose what will go on it. Since this tribute will pass along information about the person it honors for future generations to see, Sand Blasting In Atlanta, GA helps the inscription to be precisely cut so that it will still be easy to read in the future.


After a loved one passes on, it may be time to decide on a monument or a headstone. A grave marker lets people know where the deceased individual is buried, but a monument can add more to the story. Perhaps a special verse, a positive description, or even an engraved picture would help others to remember the life that was lived. Always take time to plan it out, and double check everything before the requests are permanently etched in stone.

Creating the Monument

When creating a monument, the first thing a person needs to do is check with the cemetery where the monument will be placed to find out the guidelines and specifications the facility will allow. Then, the type of stone that will be used, and the size and color of it, should be selected. This will help to define the usable space for an inscription so it can be planned out as well. The style and size of the lettering should also be chosen, along with anything else that the family wishes to have on the monument.

Sand Blasting

When a monument is engraved, the letters and pictures need to be crystal clear and precise to be long-lasting. Sand Blasting in Atlanta, GA is an abrasive type of blasting that allows the engraving to be deep and clear. It’s a crucial part of making a monument since it helps the engraved letters and pictures stand up against the elements.

Monuments can memorialize a loved one in a special way. The decision-making process should never be rushed since the final product will be around for a very long time. For more information regarding monuments and the process to create one, please contact Blackjack Paving.

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