Monitor Your Store With a Customer Counter

One of the advantages online businesses have had over physical locations is the ability to know exactly where people are going, what they’re looking at and how many visitors to a site turn into actual customers. Now, customer counter technology is bringing that ability to physical retail environments, and it can have a tremendous impact on the way you do business. Using this technology better enables you to track and monitor what’s actually going on inside your store. That, in turn, can lead to more effective marketing campaigns and even better customer service.

Understanding the Customer Journey

What happens when a customer visits your store? Unless you’re actually standing there and watching everything every customer does, it’s impossible to know, that is, unless you’re utilizing a customer counter. With this technology, you can gain valuable insights into the way customers are actually moving around in your store. This way, you know which areas of your store people are visiting, which areas are getting lower foot traffic and even how much time your customers are spending in queues.

How to Use This Information

Once you’ve gained these insights, how can you use them for the betterment of your store? There are many ways. When you use a customer counter, you can find out which areas of your establishment are gaining more traffic, which get less traffic and where sales are taking place so you can make key decisions regarding details, such as the physical layout of your store. You even have the ability to determine when you need more staff on hand to take care of your customers, which can lead to a better overall customer experience.

If you’d like to learn more about how a customer counter could help your business, contact Countwise online or give them a call at 954-846-7011.

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