May 26, 2015

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Mold Remediation in Wichita-A Task Which Cannot Be Put Off

Mold Remediation in Wichita-A Task Which Cannot Be Put Off

The only way to control mold is to control moisture in your home or office. When you discover mold in the home or office, you must clean it up immediately and remove the source, and any water damaged areas must be treated within 48 hours to prevent this growth also. Mold only grows when spores land on a surface which is already wet, so take care to keep the structure dry at all times for great results. Why is this so important?

Mold growth in a home or office can lead to a wide range of medical problems. Many people are allergic to mold spores and develop symptoms as a result. In addition, mold can be toxic and lead to asthma attacks. Furthermore, the mold can enter the lungs of individuals, which can be a problem for those who already have lung conditions, as the mold can make the condition worse. If you suspect you are allergic to mold and there is some in your home or office, you need to look into Mold Remediation in Wichita.

It is impossible to get rid of all mold completely. The spores are found in the air of every home and office, yet the spores cannot grow without moisture. When there is mold growth in the home, however, you need to call in a company specializing in Mold Remediation in Wichita. Many individuals think they can remove the mold and solve the problem, yet this isn’t the case. If you don’t treat the underlying source of the mold, it will return again very quickly and you must start the process once again.

Many individuals, when in need of Mold Remediation in Wichita, turn to Advance Catastrophe Technologies Inc. A technician comes in and assesses your property to determine the extent of the damage and develop a plan to remove the mold and treat the underlying cause. Cutting edge technology is used to find all sources of mold in the structure, including thermal imaging cameras, and equipment is brought in to dry up the moisture. Visit and browse website to learn more about this process and how this company can be of assistance to you. This is one task you cannot afford to put off due to the health dangers associated with mold growth.

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