Mold Remediation in Atlanta

Mold removal and mold remediation can be a daunting undertaking. As well as causing severe damage to your home, mold produces microscopic spores that can have a detrimental impact on health. Professionals who routinely deal with mold remediation in Atlanta understand mold and mold growth. Furthermore, they are trained and equipped to reduce the harmful mold in your home or business establishment. Microscopic mold spores exist almost everywhere. The spores enter a building through windows, doors, air conditioning vents, and can “hitch-hike” on clothing and pets. As mold thrives on moisture, spores can rapidly develop into harmful colonies when exposed to water.

All mold scenarios are different, and each requires a very different solution. However, in general, the mold remediation process differs very little. Specialists will first inspect your home, looking for visible signs of mold. As mold feeds on moisture and cellulose, it can easily be out of view. 1 Priority Environmental Services, Inc, employ specialized equipment and personnel to determine the source and extent of the problem. To prevent the rapid spread of mold, containment procedures are employed. The mold remediation experts may use a negative air chamber to isolate the contaminated area with a physical barrier as well as stop the spread of spores during the cleanup process.

Just as specialist contractors should be brought in to deal with mold remediation, specialist asbestos contractors in Atlanta should be engaged to test and remove this harmful material. Asbestos does not support combustion. For years, the material was used in many different products and environments where heat resistance was necessary. Like many products, the hazards of asbestos were grossly underestimated. In any situation, where existing asbestos may be disturbed, have the area checked, and leave the removal or abatement to professionals. Materials containing asbestos, if not correctly handled, can endanger the lives of people who may be exposed to asbestos dust.

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