Jun 17, 2015

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Mold Inspection in Monterey CA Myths That Waste Money and Time

Mold removal is pretty important, but some problematic myths are making it something that it is not. Below are three particularly obnoxious myths about mold removal that are costing families time and money.

Color Is (Almost) Meaningless

Black mold is one of the most insidious and dangerous type of mold one can possibly find. It is also sometimes colors other than black. The color of the mold really does not tell anyone much of anything. For one, mold, as it appears to the naked eye, is not often its actual color. Secondly, the black mold comes in at least three different colors. Some harmless mold also looks black. There are 10,000 different types of mold, and about 500 of them can appear black. Out of that 500, the vast majority are entirely harmless. Funny thing is, even growth that is not mold at all can appear black. In short, the color of mold tells very little about its danger level, the cost of removal, difficulty to get rid of, etc.

Mold Treatment is Pretty Universal

There are some special mold inspection in Monterey CA experts that say that the treatment varies a lot depending on the type of mold. The treatment itself is not affected by the mold type. As a matter of fact, treatment is universally the same for dangerous mold, mild mold, green mold, and so on. The treatment varies depending on the extremity of the mold, including where it is and how much of it is there. The actual type has little to no effect on how it is handled.

Mold is Not Always Bad

Mold in the home is not inherently a bad thing. It becomes bad when it is elevated, which means it can grow out of hand due to rising moistures and cooler air. The mold is, of course, ugly to look at. But, mold on its own is not harmful (unless the mold is one of the 100 or so dangerous types). Mold breaks organic matter that floats in the air by, for all intents and purposes, eating it.

Mold is also used to create penicillin and antibiotics. These myths may hopefully help determine if a Mold Inspection in Monterey CA is needed. The mold is not good, but it is not some evil presence.

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