Apr 1, 2014

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Mold Growth in Ventilation Chutes

A good duct cleaning company will not only clean your ducts, they will also provide numerous other services that will ensure that your home air quality is safe. Before contracting for duct cleaning Boston services, you should inquire as to what services they offer, and how much the services will cost. This is important, because getting rid of mold can be a lengthy process in some cases.

Why Does Build-Up Occur In Ventilation Ducts?

Build-up can occur in every home. Even the cleanest homes get mold growth in the ventilation ducts. This doesn’t mean that the residents of the home are unclean. It simply means that the mold growth is inevitable in most cases. Mold build-up starts when moisture flows through the air vents to be released outdoors. Every time a person bathes, showers, or has steamy water running, the steam has to have some form of outlet. It travels through air vents, and a good portion of it settles on the ventilation ducts. Mold thrives in warm moist environments, which is why it is such a problem in the ducts. Everyone has it happen, and there is really nothing that can be done to stop it. The best thing that homeowners can do is to hire a quality duct cleaning service every couple of years, to prevent the problem from getting out of control.

What Are The Contributing Factors?

All pollutants can lead to the growth of bacteria. Cigarette smoke is one of these pollutants. The toxic chemicals that are released into the air are ventilated through air ducts. When these toxic chemicals get stuck in the ventilation ducts over a long period of time, they can contribute to mold growth when they are combined with steam or other moisture that is passing through the ducts. While this type of mold isn’t necessarily deadly, it still isn’t good to breathe in. Most people want good air quality, not mold growing in places that they aren’t even aware of. Mold and duct cleaning companies in Boston offer affordable cleaning solutions, so there is no reason for homeowners to procrastinate. Nearly every home will have this problem at some time or another, so it is important for homeowners to stay on top of it, if they want clean air.

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