Apr 23, 2015

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Modern Designs for History Lovers

At first sight it can be difficult to see how contemporary design can provide a historic commentary in exactly the same way as a Chippendale chair or a European building styled during the Perpendicular period. A closer consideration of the generic influences which shape design can show that many modern pieces encapsulate a wealth of past ideas and themes which result in items such as Sami Hayek furniture providing a focal point for an enormous diversity of personal and social commentaries. Discover how a work created only a month or so ago can be as historically satisfying as something carefully crafted many centuries previously.

Everything is Made in the Past

Obviously, the mere fact you’re looking at a piece of Sami Hayek furniture or another exciting designer piece is proof that it was painstakingly made in the past. What this means is since its creation, the world has moved on slightly and the exact set of influences which shaped the styling of a particular piece will not be repeated. This results in every item of individually crafted art, be it a picture, a piece of furniture or a fashion collection, providing a unique snap-shot of the past, whether it be centuries or merely weeks old.

Unique Set of Designer Influences

Obviously one of the most powerful influences on design is the background and life events which have shaped the designer. Sami Hayek furniture, for example, demonstrates the multi-cultural heritage of its creator wonderfully well. One of the exciting benefits of owning a piece of designer furniture is not only are you investing in a small piece of contemporary history, you’re also acquiring an item which has been fashioned using the influences of one person’s uniquely special life story.

Social Commentary

Both in practical and ideological terms, furniture, pictures and other objects have the power to tell a unique story about the political, economic or social context in which they were created. For example, the use of ethically sourced and eco-friendly synthetic materials or natural woods carefully reclaimed or harvested from sustainable sources, like those found in many items of Sami Hayek furniture, provides evidence of a wider societal move away from reckless plundering of the earth’s resources towards more considered use of materials.

Not only does a modern furniture piece from a fresh designer offer an aesthetically appealing addition to your home, it also brings with it a distinctive heritage and pedigree which is as exciting and intriguing as anything you might find in a museum or stately home. If you would like the opportunity to select an item of Sami Hayek furniture or enjoy the work of other cutting-edge, talented designers, has a carefully curated collection of exquisite pieces which may well be of interest.

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