Jan 13, 2015

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Mistakes To Avoid With Your Trade Show Exhibit Booth

Going to a trade show can be just the boost that your company, product or service needs to grow, expand and even move into new markets. However, just because you have a trade show exhibit booth and show up doesn’t mean that you are going to bring in any new customers or business.

The fact is that most businesses that don’t stop to really consider their goals, their focus, and who they want to attract at any trade show are largely wasting their time, money and effort. While having a trade show exhibit booth is one element, how you organize, design and highlight your products, company or service within that booth is far more important.

Too Much Information and No Focus

There are a few companies that only produce one product or provide one service, but the vast majority of small, medium and large companies actually provide multiple products or services. Trying to show everyone everything that your company offers from your trade show exhibit booth is going to result in information overload and a cluttered, disorganized look to your presentation.

It would be far better to consider the theme of the trade show and pick and choose one, two or three products or services that best suit that theme. Bring information on your other products but focus your booth on no more than three.

Crowded Areas in the Booth

Another big mistake is to create a trade show exhibit booth that doesn’t allow people to get to see what you want them to see. People are naturally going to gather where you are speaking, giving a demonstration or simply providing samples or interaction with your products. If this is in the front of your booth it limits the number of people that will come in and also gives a disorganized feel to your booth.

Lack of Highly Visible Graphics

Infographics or a quick, easy way to capture the basics that you want your customers to remember about your business, products or services should be the main focus of your display graphics. These should be big, easy to see, well-lit and highlighted and the focus of the background elements of your trade show exhibit booth.

By avoiding the mistakes that are all too common in a trade show exhibit booth you can maximize your ability to reach new customers and create a very powerful display.

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