Jun 14, 2018

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Mistakes To Avoid When Buying AR15 Parts Online

Mistakes To Avoid When Buying AR15 Parts Online

Buying AR15 parts online is a simple way to purchase directly from the manufacturer. It is an ideal way to choose the parts you need, even hard to find parts, or to talk directly to the company to ensure the correct part is selected for your particular weapon.

However, not all AR15 parts purchased online are a good deal. Often those new to owning weapons assume that all parts are the same, but this is simply not the case. Think of these parts similar to parts for a vehicle. There may be lots of aftermarket part manufacturers and sellers, but there are some with top reputations and some with cheaply made products that are going to be difficult to install and may even negatively impact accuracy and performance of the gun.

Look for Established Companies

While new companies often have new innovations and options, they do not have the reputation to back up the parts and components they offer. In some cases, online buyers may be tempted to purchase parts from companies outside of the United States, which often leads to quality control issues and significant problems in returning and getting a refund.

With established companies, these issues are rarely a factor. Just be sure to read the return policy carefully before purchasing AR15 parts and follow all required steps to return the parts if needed.

Not Verifying Fit

When in doubt, having the ability to call and speak directly to the manufacturer to ensure the AR15 component you are considering will work with your weapon is a great feature to have.

These companies have experienced staff who can walk you through the measurements and sizing of any part for your specific weapon. Additionally, they may also be able to recommend parts that are a better match for the performance or aesthetics you want for the gun.

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