Apr 26, 2013

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Mistakes to Avoid for Retaining Walls in Pittsburgh

With so many uses for retaining walls, many people are considering using them for their next landscaping project. As is the case with most home improvement projects, a few minutes learning about the mistakes to avoid is a good idea.

Choosing Material Type Wisely – Be careful to choose the right material for the job. Getting the least expensive material could result in having to do the job all over again when the wall fails. Whether you choose wood, stone or concrete will depend on the height of the wall, what load it is supporting and how long you need it to last.

Material Supplier – Not all materials are alike and an inferior product may not be obvious to the naked eye. Be sure to work with a reputable supplier and be sure they know what you are needing to accomplish so they can match what they sell to you to the demands of the application. Retaining Walls Pittsburgh customers install should come from a company that can deliver the materials as well.

Using a Footer – Heavy walls need support. It may seem a silly step to put it a huge footer, but if you don’t there is a good chance your wall will sink or fall over. Not only can this mean having to do the retaining wall all over again but it could cause an injury if it falls on someone. It may even fall over while you are building it!

Drainage – Just as many think a footer is an unnecessary step and regret the decision, not putting in proper drainage is another way to end up with a real mess. When the ground behind a wall becomes saturated because it has no place to go, it puts tremendous pressure on the wall. Retaining Walls Pittsburgh residents install must have the right kind of drainage to handle melting snow in the spring.

Improper Preparation – Any outdoor improvement must consider seasonal changes that result in ground movement. Retaining Walls Pittsburgh residents build must consider winter freezes can make the ground heave destroying the wall. Just as Paving Stones Pittsburgh homeowners install must be placed on well prepared ground, so must retaining walls.

As with any home improvement project, taking the time to learn about how to do the project safely, efficiently, and correctly will ensure not only a beautiful result but one that will last for years to come.


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