Jun 7, 2019

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Mistakes That You Should Avoid Making With Invisalign Braces

Mistakes That You Should Avoid Making With Invisalign Braces

Invisalign in Hinsdale has helped many people transform their smiles. However, it is important to avoid making a mistake that can prolong your treatment time. There are several mistakes that people make when they are wearing Invisalign.

Failing to Wear Your Invisalign for the Recommended Amount of Time

You can take your Invisalign out when you eat, drink, brush your teeth or play a sport. However, it is important to have the Invisalign in for at least 22 hours out of the day. If you skip days, then your teeth will begin to shift. This will result in longer treatment time.

Smoking With the Aligners

It is a good idea to avoid smoking, period. However, you definitely want to avoid smoking if you wear Invisalign. Smoking can cause your aligners to become discolored. No amount of cleaning will remove this discoloration.

Expecting a Quick Fix

Invisalign can transform your smile. However, you cannot expect to get results overnight. The treatment time can vary and will depend on the problem that is being corrected. It may take a long time for you to see results. However, that does not mean that your treatment is not working.

Eating and Drinking With Your Aligners In

You do not have to adhere to any food restrictions if you are wearing Invisalign. However, it is a good idea to remove your aligners before you eat or drink. You should also brush your teeth before you put your aligner back in.

Letting Your Aligners Get Dirty

You have to keep your aligners clear and free of debris. If anything gets on the aligners, then other people will easily notice it. Your aligners will not be able to do their job if they are dirty.

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