Jan 7, 2014

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Missing Teeth? Dental Implants in Birmingham Can Replace Them

When a patient loses a tooth, they may have a hard time even looking at themselves in the mirror. They may fear that they will have that gap forever. Their dentist at the Anglin & Nelson Dental office can reassure them that Dental Implants in Birmingham can have their smile back to normal in just a few months. Just as important, inserting a dental implant into the jawbone will keep it strong and healthy for years to come. Once the jaw and gum have healed from the trauma of the tooth extraction, the dentist can take x-rays to ensure that the jaw is strong enough to hold an implant.

It’s important that the implant procedure be done as soon as possible. Once the jaw has no tooth to hold in place, it begins to loose size and density. If the patient waits too long, they may have to have an oral surgeon augment the jaw with a grafting procedure. An implant is a thin titanium cylinder that is inserted deep into the jaw bone. Once the jaw has fully incorporated the implant, it is as strong as any natural tooth root. The dentist then places a high-quality and realistic porcelain crown on top of it. The result is so natural, that very few people will realize that it isn’t a real tooth. It is cared for just like any other tooth.

When people loose most or all of their teeth, they turn to a set of dentures to restore their smile. Traditional dentures use adhesive paste to stay in place and this is not a perfect method. Dental patients often complain about them slipping when they are speaking or eating. It can make them very self-conscious. Dental Implants in Birmingham can be used to stabilize dentures and give the people who use them a stronger sense of confidence. Implants are placed at intervals in the lower and upper jaws. Instead of being fitted with crowns, they are topped with small metal balls. These locations are matched on the bottom of the dentures with slots. In the morning the denture wearer just snaps the two together. The result is a strong attachment that the person can trust while they speak and eat.



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