Military Displays That Work in Crystal Clarity

Not all digital displays are created equally. To the uninitiated, it might seem like just a bunch of screens put together. But the reality is that, when you see a display at a store, in a hospital, or at a military site, they are different from your average monitor.

They use what is known as optical bonding in things such as military displays to create a superior picture quality. This is usually because they are located in outdoor locations, where increased light can really compromise the picture quality in other displays.


One of the biggest reasons why military displays make use of optically bonded monitors is due to increased durability. Those displays are going to be moved over and over again, making them more susceptible to damage.

By having optically bonded screens, the additional layer of resin helps them to absorb shock. That means that they will hold up over time, making them a sound investment and resulting in less monitors being replaced.

Better Picture

But perhaps the biggest reason for optically bonded monitors and displays is that it results in a superior picture quality. Traditional LCD displays have problems with excessive light. They deal with refraction, reflection, and glare.

But optically bonded monitors are built to handle all of that. They cut down on the glare and refraction drastically, making images on the displays appear brighter and clearer. For outdoor settings in particular, having optically bonded displays is a must. For more information, please visit Insync Peripherals.

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