Feb 27, 2013

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Military Colleges As An Educational Path

When a student completes his final year of high school, there is going to be a huge decision to make that will determine his future. In most cases, college is the next big step. However, some may choose other alternative routes, such as enlisting in the military. For those that want to obtain an education while serving their country, there is always the choice of a military college with a ROTC program. Students can look for a junior college in Newman GA if this is something they may be interested in.

For those that are unfamiliar with the term, ROTC is an acronym that stands for Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. It is a program that is offered by some college campuses that trains students for the role of a commissioned officer in the armed forces. The program exists for all branches in the U.S. military with the highest concentration in the Army.

ROTC students will attend a junior college in Newman GA and take normal classes just like any other student. However, they will also go through basic military training for their chosen branch on the side. This means participating in a series of drills throughout the school year and during the summer.

Students who are part of the ROTC will normally receive a scholarship that pays a portion or all of their tuition. In return, the student will have to successfully complete all courses and serve for a certain amount of time in the military. The exact number of years they are obligated to serve differs depending on the branch. During this time, all students must fulfill certain obligations; this includes attending all mandated drills and meet physical fitness standards.

Students should check with their local junior college in Newman GA to enquire whether there is a ROTC program on campus. This is a good opportunity for those that want to receive a formal education while also gaining the rewarding experience of serving their country. Plus, the scholarship award means most of the tuition will be covered.

ROTC is not available in all schools, so it is important to conduct a little research or contact the school directly. ROTC programs are responsible for producing some of the nation’s finest service members and protectors of our country.

Your local junior college in Newman GA may have a ROTC program that you can sign up for. This allows students to receive a quality education while serving their nation in uniform. Visit Georgia Military College.

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