Jun 23, 2014

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Mil-Com Components Offers Dow-Key Microwave Products

Since 1945, Dow-Key Microwave has been manufacturing electromechanical switches for radio frequency (RF) and microwave applications. In fact, it is now the largest maker of these components, and is currently operating within a subsidiary of Dover Corporation. Mil-Com Components is proud to be a distributor of these fine products.

From design, to manufacture, to your shelf, Dow-Key Microwave is dedicated to creating high performance, customized waveguide switches, coaxial switches and high-reliability(space) switches (including switch blocks and T-switches), as well as switching systems like RF matrices (electromechanical, solid state, and fiber optics). The company also provides programmable attenuators, system-level rack integration and delay lines. Military, governmental and commercial establishments from all over the world use Dow-Key products for a vast array of jobs. Among these are telecommunications, ground-based satellite communications, avionics, automated test equipment (ATE), space (launch vehicles, manned vehicles, and satellites) and broadcasting.

Reliable Dow-Key Microwave does all of its design, manufacturing and testing in a state of the art, 36,000 square foot facility. Further, they can offer a full range of in-house environmental and RF testing, including vibration, thermal vacuum, multipaction, inter-modulation (PIM), and thermal shock. The facility is located in Ventura, California, about 30 miles southeast of Santa Barbara and 60 miles northwest of Los Angeles. Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Los Padres Mountains, it enjoys a mild, sunny climate and an oceanfront community.

This is a company that adheres to a strict code of conduct, and is committed to doing business with honesty and integrity. Dow-Key also observes high ethical standards, and constantly strives for the trust and respect of its customers. At Mil-Com, we would accept nothing less.

As the provider of all of your military and commercial grade electronic components, Mil-Com is pleased to partner with a manufacturer like Dow-Key Microwave. We know that we’re only as good as our distributed products, and make every effort to ensure top quality in everything that we sell.

Mil-Com Components is a woman-owned and operated distributor of electronic components. For decades, we have kept up with the latest developments and advancements in the field. Since our customers come from a wide range of industries, we love working with manufacturers like Dow-Key Microwave, who function within a similar context.

If you ever have any questions about our products or services, never hesitate to give us a call. We look forward to working with you, and providing the unbeatable electronic components you need.

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