Methods of Stump Removal in Hattiesburg, MS

After a tree has been cut down, the tree stump usually remains and also has to be taken out of the ground. There is no specific time within which you have to remove a tree stump. The owner of the property is at liberty to decide when to get it removed. Tree stumps are environmental hazards that anybody can trip over. This is why you have to remove it from your surroundings.

Manual Stump Removal

Stump removal is easier when the stump is dried if you will be removing it manually. This means that you will have to wait for an extended period to ensure that the stump gets very dry before you can remove it.

Burning as a Stump Removal Method

Burning is another effective way of removing stumps from the ground. With this method, the wood is made porous with a substance that makes it absorb the kerosene that you have poured on it. The stump is set on fire and allowed to burn down.

It is important to note that burning is not an accepted method of stump removal in Hattiesburg, MS. This is because of the ban on outdoor fires in Mississippi.

Stump Removal with the Use of Chemicals

Where you carry out the stump removal with the use of chemicals, you do not need to waste time with it. It is a process that you carry out immediately as there is no need to wait for the stump to dry up. However, this process takes longer for the tree stump to absorb the chemicals and get softened.

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