Metal Finishers: Improving A Part Through Electroplating

Raw metal is a powerful tool for product components. In its base form, it is capable of providing certain qualities that will make a product or component able to perform its task. However, manufacturers find the base metal achieves greater functionality when they give it to metal finishers. These fabricators take the metal provided and work their magic. Using scientific principles and the latest technology, a metal finisher improves or enhances the initial metal and, therefore, the resulting component and final product.

Electroplating and Metal Finishing

Electroplating is one method of finishing product. The application of a thin or thick metal coating upon a base substrate metal has a singular intent – to improve the characteristics of the final product. This electrochemical process involves the electrodeposition of one metal on the surface of the other. This follows a thorough cleaning of the components and the dipping of the metal into a chemical bath to activate the ions to ensure the adhesion of one metal to the other is thorough and complete.

The result of this method is a product that features:

* Better-quality durability

* Enhanced electrical conductivity

* Superior electrical resistance

* Higher chemical resistance

* Greater tarnish resistance

* Potential for vulcanization

The success will depend upon the skill and technology of the metal finishers, as well as their ability to choose the right metal to act as an overlay to the substrate.

Metal Finishers: Electroplating

When it is essential to finish the component properly, manufacturers rely on metal finishers to do the job do it right and get it done cost-effectively. While finishing can employ one of several techniques, including powder or liquid coating, some industries in the aerospace, automotive and plumbing industries prefer electroplating. With newer techniques and advanced technology, they know this finishing process will ensure their products are capable of performing with complete functionality in their environments.

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