Metal Cable Tie Mounts for Cable Management Operations

When it comes to the ability to manage cables effectively and efficiently, there are various options available on the market. In particular, running cable through and over heavy machinery can be a significant challenge without an effective mounting device. However, metal cable tie mounts provide for simple process in which the surface and the cable tie mounting base can be easily connected together, securing the cables and preserving the integrity of equipment.

Cable tie bases have been difficult in the past effectively attached to a metal surface in a fast, dependable, and durable manner. However, with the introduction of arc stud welding technology and an effective hand weld tool, this can be handled efficiently.

Installing Metal Cable Tie Mounts
Keeping cables organized and safe can be a difficult task when you have a larger grouping of cables that each have a particular route to travel. Metal cable tie holders are a viable and effective solution to deal with this issue. Arc stud welding technology can quickly attach these metal cable tie holders instead of relying on it weld stud, adhesive, or screw.

Run Your Cable Efficiently
Gas artist and short cycle welding processes can be used with different designs and options when it comes to applying metal cable tie holders quickly and effectively. In fact, these metal cable tie mounts can be applied using a stud weld system at a rate of about three seconds per cable tie folder – a truly cost-effective, easy, and quick method of running cable along structural items compared to methods used in the past.

In order to ensure that the cable tie is inserted through the mount to hold the cable or cable assembly securely in place, the small sized mounts come with the necessary wings. In addition, for metal cable tie holders applications involving lower volume, you may take advantage of a single shot system. Or, a magazine fed system may be used as a means of rapidly installing these tie mounts.

For more information about how you can benefit from the use of metal cable tie holders for effective cable management, contact an experienced stud welding company today.

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