Feb 17, 2020

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Men’s Hats in Denver

Men’s Hats in Denver

Men’s hats have long ago evolved from being a necessity to becoming a fashion statement. From the dawn of time, hats have played a multitude of roles. The roles range from practicality to status symbols. A popular dictionary comes up with two different definitions of a hat. First, it is something with a brim and a crown that is designed to cover the head. The second definition is more in tune with today. A hat is a head covering worn as a status symbol. Men’s hatshave a long history. Brimmed hats can be dated back to ancient Greece. Fast forward to the 21-st century, and you will find a wide array of hats, some practical, others fashionable.

The fedora is, without a doubt, the classic men’s hat. Anyone who sports a blazer would be attracted to a fedora. A fedora is a classic hat and goes well with suits, dress shirts, and dress shoes. On the other end of the classic spectrum is the Panama hat. What sets a Panama hat apart from the fedora is material. The Panama hat is made from straw. A Panama hat makes a great impression if you live in the tropics, although it also impresses during the hot summer months in the US. A Panama hat marries style and functionality. For those who enjoy wearing a hat, Ted’s Clothier in Denver is the place to go.

Just as the right hat matters, so do the right shoes. Men’s dress shoes in Denver indicate one’s status. When the correct dress shoes are worn, even casual jeans take on a sophisticated air. When a man wears quality shoes, it is an indication he has his priorities straight. There is no doubt that the right hat, paired with the right dress shoes, make a man look his best, from head to toe.

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