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Suffering from an injury at work isn’t a rarity. Work injuries are so common that employers must carry worker’s compensation insurance to help pay you even if you cannot work. Unfortunately, it isn’t as cut and dry as getting paid while not working. Medical restrictions might still require you to show up to work instead of staying at home to heal, despite how you feel. For those wondering how medical restrictions can impact workers comp claims, this is just one way.

In addition to requiring you to work during your recovery, medical restrictions for a work injury can also affect your worker’s compensation claim. Placing limitations on what you can do physically may limit the types of jobs available to you, which directly affects your income and earning potential after you’ve recovered.

Moreover, an employer does not have to create a new position for someone with medical restrictions. If you’re wondering how medical restrictions can impact workers comp claims might affect your overall position, you might have to work at a separate office or location, adding to your commute and decreasing the time you can spend recovering. In some cases, if no suitable work is available, workers may be required to undergo vocational rehabilitation so that they can find employment in another field. While you can get paid for vocational rehabilitation, it is time-consuming and takes away from the time you could be used to recover.

Even after the worker’s compensation claim has been settled, medical restrictions could still impact your job and career in the long run. Certain limitations may prevent you from returning to jobs that you were previously qualified for, raising concerns about job security and employment opportunities. All of these reasons are why finding a Lindenhurst medical malpractice lawyer is critical.

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