Medical Marijuana, Available in Cook County

Medical marijuana has been used for thousands of years to treat many ailments. Although there is a degree of tension between those who believe in the benefits and the scientific community, 29 states and DC allow for the use of medical marijuana. The introduction of medical marijuana into Cook County is the results of many years of study. The results of the studies suggest that it is helpful in the treatment of many conditions.

Medical Marijuana Uses

The most common use of medical marijuana is for the control of pain. The substance is not of sufficient strength to control severe pain such as would be expected after surgery or when setting a broken bone. It is however, very effective for chronic pain. It is a well-known fact that medical marijuana is safer than opiates. It is not possible to overdose on medical marijuana. This is not the case with opiates, and the patient is far less likely to become addicted.

Medical marijuana is very effective at bringing relief to those people who suffer from multiple sclerosis. Few other options exist, and the ones that do are highly sedating. Medical marijuana allows sufferers of MS and nerve pain to function without feeling disengaged.

In the same vein, medical marijuana is an excellent muscle relaxant. People who have Parkinson’s disease find that its use lessens the tremors associated with the disease.

Medical marijuana is being used to manage nausea and to help with weight loss. Although research is ongoing, it appears to be a promising solution for veterans suffering from PTSD. Medical marijuana also is proving beneficial to patients who are suffering from the effects of HIV.

Talk to Your Doctor

In the past, the medical community may have been dismissive about medical marijuana and its benefits. This is changing. Doctors are now more aware of how well it works for many health concerns.

If you are looking for medical marijuana, visit any Greenhouse dispensary in Cook County. For further information, visit our website.

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