Dec 8, 2014

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Medical Billing: Helping Your Practice

Medical Billing is how your office receives its payments, and how the bills are processed through insurance companies and patients. The most important part of your office’s practice is receiving the money from those bills to ensure that you can continue working and helping patients. Handling something so important is delicate and professionals should be handling something that can make or break your business. You can easily find a certified billing specialist in Orlando, but one company is in a league of its own. JITA Medical billing and Consulting LLC is the premiere medical billing specialist in Orlando. Together, your practice and this group will help you receive payments, deal with insurance companies, and maximize your business for full potential profit.

JITA Medical Billing & Consulting LLC master in the area of payment posting. With up-to-date system software, this company easily tracks payments, details from insurance agencies, and rejected claims. The processing of these details could take months without this software and this company. The medical billing specialist works with your records to present information to you quickly for adjustments that need to be made with patients.

Insurance Claims

The process of confirming insurance claims can take too long that can be detrimental to your practice. This company offers an electronic processing system to deal with insurance claims. Hard copies, electronic copies, all types of insurance claims will be assessed through this system making it easier to verify the coverage.

Insurance claims can make treatments difficult. As a doctor working with this firm, you will know all of the information of a client before they walk into the waiting room. Health care systems are always changing between the Affordable Health Care Act, Medicare, and Medicaid; it could be tough to keep track of each client’s health care insurance plan. With this consulting firm, the difficulty of health insurance becomes easier.

Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records are one of the most utilized tools of JITA Medical Billing and Consulting LLC. Using software to keep records of all clients and their health insurance, and their health history can be tedious and expensive. Using this firm, the work is done for you, saving you employment and time. This technology keeps you updated on government regulations, reduces the errors of a worker trying to keep track of so many clients, and helps the environment by going paperless. It is important for a practice to function within the boundaries of the new government regulated rules, this group helps make sure your medical practice is operating the correct way.

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