Jan 13, 2015

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Maximizing Your Time With Your Accountant In Salt Lake City UT

Working with an accountant in Salt Lake City, UT is an important part of handling your finances and learning about ways that you can reduce taxes and maximize your investment and retirement options. Since most accountants charge by the hour it is important to get the most out of the time that you work with these professionals.

Many people only meet with their accountant in Salt Lake City, UT once a year, typically at or around tax preparation time. This can be a good option if you have very little changes in your income and if you have an established investment and retirement plan. However, if you need time to make plans and understand options it is a good idea to book an hour or so of time outside of the busy tax season to discuss and review your options.

Bring all Documentation

Talking to an accountant in Salt Lake City, UT about tax questions, investment or retirement without the associated documentation and information is really a waste of time for everyone involved. Instead of guessing or trying to remember, take the time to find copies of the information that you need and bring it with you.

In many cases if you do your taxes with the accountant he or she will have copies of this information and, with most firms, it is now easily available electronically.

Make a List of Questions

It is a good idea to make a written list of questions that you want to ask your accountant. It is easy to get into a meeting and start a discussion and forget to ask for some of the information or clarification that you needed.

You can also be proactive and email your questions to your accountant in advance of the meeting. This allows the professional to have information and details to provide a complete and accurate answer.

Do Your Research

The internet makes it easy to do basic research on specific things that you want to learn about. By understanding the basics you can focus your time with your accountant on more important matters that are relevant to your financial issues and not about the nuts and bolts of the financial matter.

At Cook Martin Poulson we meet with our clients to help them in making decisions and planning. It is an important part of the services we provide for businesses and individuals alike.

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