Oct 5, 2018

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Maximizing the Potential for Full External Hard Drive Recovery

Maximizing the Potential for Full External Hard Drive Recovery

There are a lot of advantages to choosing an external hard drive for computers as well as other types of devices. For field equipment, including cameras and data collection mobile devices, an external hard drive provides the resources needed to store data and images to the capacity required.

For businesses, an external hard drive can be a cost-saving feature over an on-site server to store data. It also has the added security to be used completely offline and to be disconnected when not in use. With the amazing capacity of today’s external drives, this makes a very low-cost option.

When these types of a drive crash, it will be essential to take steps to maximize the potential for full external hard drive recovery. Knowing the signs of problems with the external hard drive and what to do when they occur is the important first step.

Know the Signs of External Hard Drive Issues

There are signs that can occur in advance of an external hard drive problem. When the user recognizes these issues and disconnects the drive, the chance of full external hard drive recovery is much better than with full drive failure.

The key signs to watch for are problems with the computer or device recognizing the drive at the first attempt. This is often overlooked as a drive problem and is assumed to be a device problem.

Other issues to watch for include sudden changes in the sound of the external drive when it is connected. Files and folders that appear and disappear or that are slow to open are other signs of possible pending failure.

Disconnect Immediately

At the first sign of these issues, stop using the external hard drive. Disconnect it from the device and do not attempt to use it on another device. The more the device attempts to connect, the harder external hard drive recovery may be once the actual data recovery process begins.

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