Jun 24, 2015

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Massage For Seniors

Massage For Seniors

If live in Prescott, massage classes can be more than a way to improve your personal life. You can use what you learn to become a professional massage therapist. If this is your goal, there is one area of study you might want to consider. This is senior massage therapy.

The Facts

As the baby boomers continue to age, they are swelling the ranks of an elderly population that lives longer. These individuals plan to live healthier than ever before. As research indicates, more than 10,000 individuals a day join the ranks of senior citizens. Many of them have every intention of maintaining a healthy life style. One of the ways they may plan to accomplish this is through massage therapy.

This offers a chance for those who graduate from Prescott massage classes to become involved in one of the fastest growing types of massage therapy. It will require specialist training as the conditions of the elderly necessitate different techniques. In preparing yourself for a career in geriatric, senior or elderly massage, you will be helping those who suffer from various physical challenges that afflict them.

Geriatric Massage Therapy

Geriatric massage therapy as you will discover through your attendance in Prescott massage classes, has been specifically designed to address the needs an elderly population. It involves techniques that are never heavy. Instead, like so many of the movements of Swedish massage, the hands are light and flowing. Passive stretching is also incorporated into elderly massage when required. The use of oils and creams can help lubricate the skin.

Benefits of Senior Massage

Receiving geriatric massage is beneficial for both the mind and the body. It can be very effective in improving circulation while raising the spirits. When taking geriatric massage classes in Prescott, a student will learn that elderly massage is capable of:

1. Reducing stiffness
2. Increasing range of motion
3. Improving blood and lymph circulation
4. Lowering blood pressure, therefore reducing the risk of stroke and heart attack
5. Easing joint pain
6. Increasing immune system through touch
7. Relieving physical and mental tension
8. Improving moods through the release of endorphins
9. Alleviate the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia

By working on stiff and sore muscles, a massage therapist can improve flexibility. This will help reduce the instances of serious injuries that can result from falls. At the same time, working together with a professional and caring massage therapist will help to increase a senior’s self-confidence. Repeated visits with a massage therapist can help improve such things as balance and agility.

Prescott Massage Classes

By studying geriatric or senior massage, you are becoming involved in a caring profession. It is a serious decision but can be a rewarding one. The steps you take when you enroll in Prescott massage classes are ones that will prepare you for your career as a professional massage therapist specializing in one of the largest growing areas in massage therapy today.

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