Oct 17, 2016

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Marquee – Your Supreme Outdoor Party Venue

Marquee – Your Supreme Outdoor Party Venue

While many people still prefer to hold their parties indoors, more people are turning to the outdoor party venue because it adds a touch of nature and gives you more options for creativity. However, when planning such an event, you must ensure that you have adequate space and a hired marquee. Marquees provide slight shelter from the wind, rain, and sun, allowing guests to rest in the shade or mingle in comfort. Likewise, they can be part of the visual appeal, making them a perfect option.

Types Available

When considering a marquee, it’s important to understand that there are many options, from Pagoda versions to clear-span and instant marquees, as well. Clear-span varieties provide a sloped roof, which can be an excellent addition to any area. Likewise, they can be tied together to create an incredibly long marquee or can be set-up separately to create little huts. The Pagoda version is more pointed at the top, which can make it look like a party before guests even arrive.


If you’ve already decided that the party has to be outside, a marquee can give you a little shelter and keep guests satisfied. Most people don’t want to be out in the open without something over their heads, which means marquees can give them that. Just make sure that you know how many guests will attend the event so you can pick a marquee size that’s appropriate. In most cases, the company you hire from will want to know how many guests you’ll have to help determine how many marquees are needed.

Where To Find

Places like Harts Party Hire offer all the marquees and accessories you need. For example, they offer 6m x3m up to 10m x 21m sizes for clear-span varieties and also provide pool covers, silk linings, inflatables and so much more to make your party pop.

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