Marking The Spot: The Advantages Of RFID Underground Utility Markers

In the city and the country across America, utilities lie buried – out of site. The ground acts as a protective measure from the harm of the elements and many other types of disturbing damage-causing forces. However, when a leak or breakage occurs, the utility company must be able to find the cause and repair it as quickly as possible. Even routine maintenance can be difficult if the company cannot locate the buried utilities. Enter tracing wire and RFID underground utility markers

What Is RFID?

RFID is the short form of radio frequency identification. It provides the digital technology a utility company needs to locate different types of buried infrastructure. It requires two specific types of technology:

1. Electronic markers
2. Portable hand-held device

The device first programs the electronic underground utility markers where they lie. Upon request, it locates the markers by transmitting into the ground a signal unique to the specific utility pipe or other structure. The signal then bounces back – indicating the specific location of the infrastructure. Companies can then dig down to the pipe and provide maintenance, do repairs or replace – whatever action is appropriate.


RFID markers offer utility and construction companies a number of advantages. They

• Provide a precise location
• Include precise information about each marker including its number, owner, function, and depth
• Are more economical since they reduce the rate or potential error as well as decrease tie spent on this task

Overall, this type of marker or tracing device proves to be more comprehensive and accurate than similar conventional devices.

RFID Underground Utility Markers

Utility companies, looking to reduce time and save money finding buried lines and pipes, need to go beyond conventional measures. They need to consider the ability of technology in helping them find their utilities. RFID underground utility markers are one way companies can make the business of discovering and uncovering their utilities faster, easier, safer and more economical.

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