Manual Wheelchairs in St Louis MO Help Transform the Lives of Disabled Individuals

Manual Wheelchairs in St Louis MO allow disabled individuals to have a certain level of mobility. These sturdy vehicles are helpful for people who can use their arms to propel the device or who have others to push it for them. Brakes on wheelchairs are important safety features, locking the device in place when this is necessary to prevent further rolling.

Transforming the Life of a Disabled Person

When someone suffers a serious injury or illness that leaves them unable to walk, or to walk for more than a few steps at a time, they are likely to feel devastated at the change in their ability. Owning a wheelchair can transform the life of a permanently disabled child, teenager or adult. Life won’t be the same as it was before, but this vehicle makes it remarkably better than would otherwise be the case.


With equipment from a business such as Business Name, these individuals now can move along from place to place in settings like school, work and stores. They may want to participate in athletic activity that is suitable for performing while in a manual wheelchair. While at first the disability may seem insurmountable, the person gradually adjusts and seeks out new opportunities.


Powered chairs are available too, but they have some disadvantages for people who really don’t need them. One reason to choose a manual chair is to continue regularly using the arms and getting exercise to maintain muscle strength and flexibility. Information on products available can be viewed at a website like

Routine Brake Evaluation

The chair owner or another responsible person should check brakes on Manual Wheelchairs in St Louis MO at least once a week to make sure these components are working properly. There should be no problems with locking and unlocking, and there also should be no changes in the sense of tightness or looseness. Instructions are provided in the manual for brake maintenance and also can be found online in the form of text and video. Repair shops also are available, and repair work is available at some businesses that sell and rent the equipment.

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