Making Aircraft Look New Again with Aircraft Paint Stripping

There are a lot of things to consider for an aircraft, whether it be a small plane or a large commercial airliner. One of the last things that pops to mind is the paint. After all, how important can the paint be to a plane?

Paint is about perceived and real value. As paint can become chipped and peeled, the impact to a plane’s aesthetic can make it look or feel less reliable than other planes. Like to or not, looks do matter especially when it comes to perceived thoughts regarding safety. Not to mention the impact peeling paint’s resistance and what it can mean on fuel conservation. That is why aircraft paint stripping comes into play.

Stripping Services

No matter how big or small a craft is, aircraft paint stripping can help prepare the plane to be painted once again. It is a process that effectively and efficiently removes the old paint from the craft without damaging the material beneath.

When the stripping process is done, painting can be done again to give the craft a brand-new look. That can also mean better fuel conservation over the life of the craft.


The process of aircraft paint stripping is done through a process known as blasting. It is very similar to how sandblasting is used in industrial space. These tiny particles are blasted at high speeds, working to remove the paint without damaging the surface below. It is a quick, easy, and effective way of removing the paint.

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