Jan 7, 2014

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Making a Wise Purchase: Tips for Choosing Quality Engagement Rings in Fort Myers

An engagement ring is an important symbol of your love, devotion and commitment, so it makes sense to choose your ring carefully. If you’re shopping for a ring in Fort Myers, there are many things to consider to make sure you’re choosing a diamond that is worth your hard-earned money. If you’re overwhelmed, keep reading for some important things to keep in mind when looking at engagement rings in Fort Myers.

Consider Color

Clear or colorless diamonds have long been the classic choice, but diamonds in other hues are rising in popularity. No matter what hue you choose, you should pay close attention to the grade that is assigned to a diamond. All diamonds have an alphabetical grading system that ranges from D to Z, and the closer a diamond is to the beginning of the alphabet the more valuable it is. If color quality is important to you, steer clear of stones that are poorly rated on this grading system. According to experts, you should also avoid trendy stone colors like purple, champagne or brown. These colors don’t occur naturally and will depreciate in value over time.

Look at the Cut

There’s more to selecting a diamond cut than choosing one that is aesthetically pleasing to you. No matter what style of cut you’re looking for, you should always examine a diamond under 10x magnification to make sure it’s smooth, even and well-made. A skillfully-done cut will give a diamond the sparkling fire that everyone desires. From princess to pear shaped, the cut of diamond rings in Fort Myers needs to be well-executed to avoid roughness or a lackluster appearance.

Clarity is Important

Although a few diamonds are considered flawless, most diamonds will have some flaws that will affect their beauty and value. You’ll need to view a stone under magnification to view most flaws, but it’s important that you do so to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. Carefully examine any diamond for inclusions like scratches, cracks or feathering. If there are flaws, they shouldn’t be large enough to be noticeable, or they should be positioned so the ring setting makes them nearly invisible.

Choosing a diamond engagement ring requires time, patience and a little bit of knowledge. A quality diamond is an investment purchase that should last a lifetime and hold its value well over the years.

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