Mar 7, 2014

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Making a silk purse out of sows ear

Silk is one of the most soft, beautiful and gentle fibers that a garment can be made from. The expense of a well-made silk shirt is worth it when you wear the shirt against your skin. Because silk is a natural protein it is produced by natural means, rather than manufactured. Generally, the silk worm is the most commonly recognized source of silk, but there are other insects that can also produce a version of silk. For instance, a moth caterpillar can also produce silk, but the quality might be different on a molecular level and therefore the price of items made by that silk will differ too.

Silk shimmers in the light and is a very elegant material that benefits greatly from being made into delicate garments such as night gowns, shirts, scarves, ties and blouses. Silk fabric has been used in China and India for many thousands of years. Initially a Chinese development, silk was first used as early as around 3,500 B.C. and silk was then reserved for royalty or the Emperor. The secret of silk was heavily protected for many years because the Chinese did not want the word to spread. The main reason for this was because it would drive down the cost and therefore the profits, but also because they wanted it to remain exclusive.

Indian Silk and its Uses

In the north of India silk is known as Resham but pattu and Paat in the south and east of the country, respectively. India is now the world’s largest silk consumer, being used for the making of saris and other garments. Many Asian countries them began adopting the used of silk in their own clothing, which was then traded between Europe and other parts of the world. Silk flower bouquets at  are also a popular alternative to fresh seasonal cut flowers at functions such as weddings and birthdays. The delicately made recreations of everyday flowers can be replicated at a fraction of the cost so that not only do they perform faultlessly at a wedding, but can also be kept for use at a later date or just for a memorable decoration. People like silk flowers because they look authentic, provided they are well made.

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