Jan 17, 2014

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Make Your Wedding Memorable With Burlap Wedding Favor Bags

You want your wedding to be perfect, right down to the last detail. Making your wedding memorable starts with thinking about ways to make your ceremony and reception just a bit different than the norm. This doesn’t take a huge change, but including things that are unique, like burlap wedding favor bags and original gifts, are sure to make your wedding stand out for your guests.

CarryGreen Eco-friendly Burlap wedding favor bags go very well with all types of weddings styles and themes. The burlap wedding favor bags can be dressed up or left very natural, it will depend on the style of your wedding as well as your personal style and taste.

Dressing It Up

One way to add to the natural beauty of burlap wedding favor bags is to add a personalized message to the outside of the bag. You can use the colors of your wedding party in a font of your choice to highlight your wedding date and your names. You can also include a special message for your guests or a unique wedding silhouette or symbol.

Another option to really add elegance to burlap wedding favor bags is to add gold or silver ribbon to the top of the bag or tie a small wedding bell or set of decorative wedding rings to the closure of the bag. Silver, gold or colored tissue paper in the top will also provide an elegant contrast to the natural fabric of the bag.

Keeping It Natural

For an outdoor wedding, a western style wedding or for a couple that is doing a “green wedding” natural burlap wedding favor bags are the perfect addition. For these types of themes you can also carefully select the favors to continue to add to the concept.

Environmentally themed favors can include small seedlings or seed packages that can be planted to help the earth. Organic products including natural soaps and candles also make a great addition and provide lasting keepsakes from your special day.

Using burlap wedding favor bags is a great idea for any style or theme of wedding. You can be creative or stay to the traditional; the versatility of these bags makes anything possible.


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