Aug 14, 2015

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Make Your House More Stylish with Aluminum Bi-Fold Doors

Have you heard the hype about bifold doors? These stylish doors are strong, long-lasting and won’t set you back too much! The aluminum bifold network is growing in popularity by the day and these products are fast becoming a top choice for people who want to transform the home in a non over-the-top way. With their large glass panels and sliding features, bifold doors welcome floods of sunlight and don’t take up too much space. The appealing glazing options and materials make these products hard to resist, so before you consider getting another type of door fitted, take a moment to learn a bit more about the unrivalled benefits associated with bifolds.

Smooth Rolling

Also known as sliding doors or sliding room dividers, bifold doors run along a sliding mechanism, allowing you to open and close them smoothly. As it slides, the door’s panel stacks up, much like a concertina. This design saves a lot of space and is one of the main reasons why these doors are commonly introduced for connecting rooms to outdoor areas and designating zones within the home. The smooth roll feature offers functionality for customers in the commercial and domestic markets, and is guaranteed to add value to the home.

Thermal Efficiency

The more thermally efficient your home and its features, the less money you can expect to pay to heat the home. Energy usage will lower once bifold doors have been fitted, because these thermally efficient doors will prevent heat loss with their eco-friendly and energy efficient design. Usually coated with low-emissivity glass that minimises heat loss, bifold systems have an impressive thermal value. For extreme weather protection, choose doors that have been constructed with a sturdy aluminium frame.

A Lightweight Option

Elderly individuals and disabled people favour bifold doors over the traditional door, because it can simply be slid across a smooth mechanism, whereas a traditional door would need to be opened with a certain amount of strength. What’s more, you can choose from a rainbow of colours. PVC is the most lightweight material option, so go down the polyvinyl chloride route if you want a cost-effective option that is as practical as it is affordable. Remember that the key to unlocking the most potential from bifold doors is to browse the many different configurations ahead of them being fitted. Some will require structural support, whereas others won’t. Even the smallest of design changes can affect the weight, so consider your needs and then make a decision.

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