Sep 18, 2014

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Make Your College Advertising Highly Visual

Including college advertising in your next promotional campaign for your product is a great way to tap into a huge customer base. However, there are a lot of top companies that use college marketing and get a very low return on investment.

One of the major factors for this type of limited success is not because the advertising itself does not work, but because it wasn’t approached using the methods that work for college students. Many companies now rely exclusively on social media and text messages for their college advertising, which may not be providing enough attention and focus, on your brand and products, to get the results you want.

Location is Everything

Having a part of your college advertising that is highly visible in the main areas of campus—where students walk, gather and hang out—is critical. Having posters in the hallways and on bulletin boards throughout campus will constantly reinforce your product and brand.

There is little value in advertising in rarely used parts of the campus; this is where a company that specializes in campus marketing can really help. They will understand where to display your posters and print advertising and will coordinate this with campus administrators.

Give Them Something of Value

Giving students something of value is always a positive element in any college advertising campaign. T-shirts, backpacks, smartphone covers, zip drives, unique pens, product samples and even tickets to events that you host are all going to link your product and brand with value.

Once this positive relationship is established the students will look very favorably on your product when compared to your competition.

Be Unique

Your college advertising needs to be unique and creative, but not so creative that it is almost impossible to tell what you are promoting. Remember that you can have a multi-pronged approach and use social media, YouTube, traditional print advertising as well as event marketing, or booths and tables as a way to keep your brand front and center.

Unless you are on a college campus regularly, using a college marketing company for your college advertising is really the best option. They can quickly let you know what advertising options are most effective on any campus and will also have ideas of how to make your marketing highly visible.

Getting your campaign recognized with college advertising is both an art and a science. To see more college advertising ideas go to College Marketing INsider.

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