Jul 8, 2015

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Make Sure That Your Home is Ready for That Winter Cold With Yearly Heating Service in Franklin TN

When the cold months of winter roll around, the last thing that any homeowner wants to worry about is a failing heating system. As the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system or central heating unit sits idle, the appliance can accumulate dust or dirt. Plus, electronics in the unit will age and eventually break down. Regular Heating Service in Franklin TN can avoid the problems of an idle appliance by servicing the unit and preparing it for winter. This can actually avoid a number of possible problems including unexpected ignition failure and the possibility of a flash fire when the system is turned on for winter usage.

As certain electronic components age, the electrolytes inside them dry out. This happens with items such as capacitors and similar parts which help control the strength or level of the electrical flow. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to determine when these items will fail unless they are tested by specific equipment. Dried electrolyte inhibits proper flow of electricity, but may allow enough power through the component, so it operates for a while.

It isn’t always possible to tell if one of the electronic parts have broken unless the component explodes, splits or is tested electronically. For instance, some capacitors are designed to break along the top of the part to avoid leaking electrolyte on the circuit board. A technician with experience in Heating Service in Franklin TN will know which circuits to test and the exact load that each of them can handle. Checking the power supply and related circuits could save you a lot of problems later on.

Homeowners often get confused about when the heating system needs to be serviced. Some companies offer special deals in order to generate sales. For many folks, having the furnace tested at the end of summer or early fall is the best option because they can be sure the appliance will operate when it is needed. Cleaning the air handler and freeing the combustion chamber of dust will protect a home and family from flash fires. Fire can result from the rapid combustion of lint or other debris inside the unit. The surprise for many people is that a flash fire like this can happen with both electric or gas models.

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