Make Planning More Efficient With HotSchedules

Specific industries and sectors have unique challenges for scheduling and management. This is certainly true in the retail, restaurant and hospitality industry, which is why a cloud-based application like HotSchedules is such an important tool to use.

When you have to schedule people for different shifts, at different number during different seasons or times of the day, having a simple system to use to ensure you not only have the right number of employees on hand but can accurately forecast your needs is critical.

With HotSchedules, you have all of this at the tip of your fingers from any internet connected device, even if you are not actually at your workplace. For managers, this allows ease of scheduling for a single location or multiple locations from anywhere and from a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

Accurate Scheduling

The different reporting features on HotSchedules make it easy to see where and when staff is needed with just a quick glance. As you enter data on the system, it stores the relevant information, allowing you to quickly access trends from past years to assist with predicting what will be needed in the current years by day and month.

From this information, the algorithms in the system will provide very accurate estimates of staffing needs by location, by type of employee, as well as by date and time. Staff volume charts, staffing certifications, staff information and even an online calendar is all included in the software package.

Additional Considerations

While some scheduling apps are designed just for larger businesses with multiple locations and large numbers of staff, HotSchedules is effective even for small businesses of just a few employees. It also has a breakdown by industry type, which includes more than just retailers, hotels, restaurants and other hospitality industries.

With a handy tasks pending tracker as well as automatic notifications, this really is a management system at your fingertips. It is responsive to changes in sales, staffing requirements and other markers as determined by your specific industry.

The system also provides you with the option to create schedules in advance and post them for employee review. Depending on the access provided, HotSchedules can even be set up to allow employee shift trades with manager approval that can be completed online.

Finally, with HotSchedules, employees can post special requests for time-off or notify employers of their availability to work. This is incredibly helpful when setting schedules and can dramatically cut down on the time spent with revisions.

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