Dec 4, 2013

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Make It A Night To Remember With Limo Service

There are lots of reasons why people in Chicago want to have a special night on the town. It could be to celebrate an anniversary, pop the big question, honor an achievement, or to just get old friends together for a party. A simple way to add to any special night out is to use a luxury limousine service. Chicago, with all its entertainment venues, is the perfect city to host any type of social gathering.

Choosing the right luxury limousine service in Chicago or surrounding areas starts with planning, in advance, how many people will be in the group and where you want to go. You will also need to know the number of hours you will want the vehicle and driver available so you can compare different options to get the best possible rate.

Couple Events

Imagine how impressed your date, partner or spouse will be if you pull up to take him or her to dinner and movie, the theatre or a gallery arriving in a luxury limousine service. Chicago is home to so many different sports, entertainment and cultural events so you can find something to do literally every day of the year. While many people think of limos just for a night out, they also make a great ride to take in a MLB game, a hockey game or see those amazing Bulls in action.

Hiring a luxury limousine service in Chicago means you don’t have to worry about driving to or from the event so you have a lot more freedom to enjoy yourself when you are out. You can also rest assured that when you want to go home or move on to your next stop your car and driver will be ready and waiting.

Group Events

For small to large groups of up to 28 people specialty vehicles are a great idea for a luxury limousine service. Chicago party planners and event coordinators routinely use these services to transport groups between venues, and you can take advantage of this as well.

Having everyone in one vehicle means you don’t have to wait for everyone to get there, or try to keep track of multiple vehicles and passengers. Everyone is together, making it easy to organize and coordinate reservations and tickets.

Choosing a luxury limousine service in Chicago is a great option for those intimate occasions you want to celebrate as a couple or major events that the entire office, team or group attends. You can book ahead for the best selection of vehicle options, making your role as event planner simple and easy.


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