Mar 6, 2014

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Major Types of High Security Locks in Niles

Standard locks work in many cases, but for areas that need more security, a simple lock often isn’t enough. Fortunately, there are many high security locks in Niles that can provide the increased break-in resistance that is desired.
The deadbolt lock is one of the oldest forms of security-enhanced locks, but it is still a very worthwhile type to buy. These locks can be made to only need a key from the outside part of the door, but some models need a key for either side. Either way, these locks are easily recognized by the lack of a standard door knob. This, however, isn’t the only thing that makes them different. The locking post is also unique. It will only move if manually changed, while a regular lock’s post will retract on its own if its end is pushed. Regular locks also have a tapered post, while a deadbolt’s has a flat end. These things work together to make it so that a would-be thief can’t just slip a credit card against the tapered part of the lock and push it open. Instead, the deadbolt won’t open for someone without a key. Locksmiths like Amazing Lock Service, Inc. always have plenty of deadbolts in stock because they’re excellent solutions in many cases.
Sometimes, even a deadbolt isn’t secure enough. This is especially true in situations where there may be multiple keys in existence, such as in commercial locations. In these cases, electronic high security locks in Niles are better. These locks can work with card keys and be set to only respond to currently-authorized cards. If an employee quits or is fired, all it takes to make sure that he can’t come back later is to delete his card number from the authorized list. Some electronic locks use combinations instead of keys, but they can be set so everyone has their own working combination. Just like with the card-key lock, removing someone’s authorization is as simple as deleting it.
Locks that allow for such easy changes to authorizations were likely first developed for high security uses, but surprisingly, hotels are likely the biggest users of card key technology. Even so, the basic technology – when combined with a strong physical locking mechanism – is perfect for high security commercial areas in companies with high employee turnover.

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