Feb 17, 2014

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Major Reasons to Visit a Dental Clinic in Mankato, MN

Your local Dental Clinic in Mankato, MN can be the difference between saving a tooth and losing several. Many people still have this daunting thought that dentists are the enemy. A hundred years ago, maybe that would be the case due to the underwhelming amount of dental technology professionals had to work with. Today, however, dentists are some of the most highly qualified medical professionals in the healthcare field. Why? It is because technology has literally ran crazy in the past couple of decades. What once was the most excruciating dental experience imaginable is now a painless hour in a chair.

There are some that still need to be pulled by the hair (or in some cases, their teeth) before they visit the dentist. This can be due to childhood trauma, or a natural fear of the unknown. No matter what the reason is, one must understand that each Dental Clinic in Mankato, MN is there to help you. Here are some common reasons to visit a dentist:

  • Decay follow-ups/checkups
  • .Decay is the destruction of dental tissue, which can occur from infancy throughout old age. The highest incidence comes in adolescence, just at the stage of life when children brush their teeth less. Because of this, an oversight occurs in the hygiene, causing plaque to form. Seeing a dentist twice a year for cleanings can really help keep teeth healthy.
  • To prevent, or treat “mouth breathing”
  • . Mouth breathing is a habit that happens due to the diversion of the nasal septum, adenoid or tonsils. This is common in patients with abnormal positioning of the teeth. If left untreated, it will eventually lead to the enlargement of the marginal gingiva, causing a yellowish-red color of the gums and teeth, visually altering the smile. The treatment, according to each case, is orthodontic correction of the problem. Scheduling a consult with a Dental Clinic in Mankato, MN can help you solve this issue.
  • To remove hyperplasia
  • . Hyperplasia is an abnormal proliferation of cells. This issue usually occurs in patients who have dentures that fit poorly. It starts with pressure, which causes constant (and cutting irrigation). The first symptom is the removal of the arches of the side of the lesion. Treating them is to prevent them from happening in the first place.

For more information, or if you have questions pertaining to other oral matters, contact your local Dental Clinic in Mankato MN today.

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