Nov 27, 2014

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Major Attractions in Greensboro

There are many attractions in Greensboro that make it an ideal tour destination for individuals, couples, friends and families on vacation. Greensboro is a city in North Carolina. It is the largest city in the county of Guilford as well as the surrounding metropolitan region of Piedmont Triad. Greensboro is situated in Piedmont region where three interstate highways intersect.

Among the attractions in Greensboro include the following:

* The Natural Science Center

Among the attractions found in this city is the Natural Science Center. At this center, you find planetarium and petting zoo that offer fun for the entire family. You can roam via the Dinosaurs Gallery and learn about the minerals and gems. You also see lemurs while in this center and have all the fun in the touch labs. While in the Natural Science Center, you can visit the amphibians and snakes that are found in the Herpetarium.

* Guilford Courthouse National Military Park

Guilford Courthouse National Military Park is another attraction in Greensboro. This is a prime attraction in this area especially for individuals who are interested in history. Here, you learn about the U.S Revolutionary War. The main battle of this war was fought here on 15th March 1781. The federal government protected the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park as the first battlefield of the Revolutionary War. This park receives many visitors because it has many places where you can stretch your legs during your tour of Greensboro.

* Weatherspoon Art Museum

Weatherspoon Art Museum is also another popular attraction in Greensboro. It is found in one of the campuses of the University of North Carolina. This museum is common among tourists for having a wide collection of modern artifacts in Southeast. Among the major collections that people note when they visit this museum are; The Claribel and Etta Cone Collection as well as The Dilliard Art on paper collection.

* Greensboro Arboretum

Greensboro Arboretum is another popular attraction that people on a tour of this city visit. While in Greensboro, you can visit this arboretum to spend your afternoon as you smell the roses. This arboretum is situated on a 17 acre land, and it has a wide range of plant species that are arranged professionally. The Beeson Rhododendron Gardens is a major attraction that you will notice while in this arboretum. It blooms from May to June.

* Greensboro Historical Museum

While in Greensboro, you can also visit the Greensboro Historical Museum.  This museum has a wide range of historical artifacts that will refresh your history of this region. The museum stands on a grand building that was built in 1892, and it is listed as one of the Historical places in the National Register.

These are some of the attractions that make Greensboro one of the most visited cities. Visit for more information about the major attractions in Greensboro.


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