Dec 3, 2013

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Maintenance Tips for Air Conditioning in Scottsdale

Anyone who lives in Arizona knows how important having a good air conditioning system in one’s home can be. Without a unit working at its best, many months of the year will be uncomfortable and summer can be nearly unbearable. Because of this, it is important that a homeowner make sure they have their system for Air Conditioning in Scottsdale regularly serviced.

Most air conditioning systems are made up of two units. One unit is generally indoors and it contains the evaporator and the blower. The unit outside contains the condenser and compressor. Both of these units are essential in the proper operation of the system and they both need periodic maintenance to make sure they are in good working order.

One of the most important tasks that a technician from a company that repairs systems for air conditioning in Scottsdale will need to do is cleaning these units. Both units pull in a good amount of air and because of this, they tend to collect dirt and other matter in the process. This dirt can clog the system and cause it to run less effectively and efficiently. A dirty unit will need to use more energy to run, which puts a strain on the components of the unit and it can cause an increase in energy costs as well.

A Chandler Air Inc. technician will be able to clean both the unit outside and inside during a regular maintenance visit. The unit inside can be vacuumed using a heavy-duty vacuum with a long nozzle attachment. In addition, a stiff brush is helpful to clean dirt and other matter from the grilles and vents on the system.

The outdoor unit tends to collect bigger types of debris such as leaves, branches and other matter. This generally is caught in the housing unit and will need to be cleared out when the housing is removed. The coils and fins on the unit will need cleaning as well. The coils can be vacuumed or washed clean with a hose and a high pressure nozzle attachment. When water is used, it must be done so that the other elements of the unit do not become wet and damaged. The fins will need to be cleaned with a soft dry brush. Fins are a bit fragile and can become bent easily. This can obstruct airflow so the repair person will need straighten them with as fin comb.

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