Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid With a Commercial Heating and Cooling Unit in Charleston SC

A commercial HVAC system plays an important role in maintaining the quality of indoor air. Regardless of the outside temperature, heating and cooling systems allow occupants to come back to a relaxing, comfortable space. To ease the transition between summer and fall, business owners should consider these common HVAC maintenance mistakes.

Using an Old, Outdated Unit

Many people delay replacement of old, worn-out air conditioners and furnaces, but waiting can bring the need for costly emergency service in the middle of winter. Not only are these service calls expensive, but using an old, inefficient Commercial Heating And Cooling Unit in Charleston SC can result in higher utility bills each month.

Forgetting About Filters

It’s all too easy to forget to inspect and change air filters, but this step can have a substantial effect on indoor comfort during the fall months. Filters remove harmful contaminants from the air and neglecting to change them can actually make occupants get sick more often. Although it’s easy to change the filter on most systems, an HVAC tech can show a first-time building owner how to do the job.

Keeping the Temperature Constant All Year

As seasons change, outdoor temperature shifts can put a severe strain on a Commercial Heating And Cooling Unit in Charleston SC. It’s important to adjust indoor temperatures accordingly and to keep it close to 72 degrees. Slight changes can be made during cold weather to help the system keep pace with the outside temperature.

Skipping Maintenance

The best time to do HVAC maintenance is when the season changes. A professional inspection can alert a business owner to problems with the unit, filters, vents and other important parts. By having the unit inspected at least twice per year, owners can find small problems before they become major hassles.

Changing the Settings Daily

Keeping the home at a single temperature all year is not a good idea, but neither is making daily changes to thermostat settings. Constant changes can make the system wear out quickly, and a tech would recommend making adjustments only when the outdoor temperature fluctuates widely.

Invest in Vents

An AC system’s vents are a crucial component, and a clogged, damaged or leaking vent can cause the system to work too hard. When they Learn more about us and invest in a professional evaluation of the HVAC system and its vents, business owners can avoid high energy bills, uncomfortable conditions, and air loss. Click here for more info.

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