May 9, 2013

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Maintaining a Healthy Heat and Air System

The most expensive appliance in a person’s home is the heat and air system. For this reason, it is important that a person take extra care in taking care of their heat and air system. Each spring and fall there are some things that a person can do before the peak usage months that can certainly help to prolong the life of a heat and air system.


One of the first things that a person can look into before each season is a tune up. This can be performed by a Heat And Air Loveland contracting company. Some of the things that a professional can do to tune a heat and air system up is to calibrate the thermostat, check the pressure of the coolant in the air conditioning unit, do a thorough cleaning of all the coils, check the ignition systems of the unit, measure air flow, lubricate parts, check connections, and more. All of this will help to ensure that the unit works as efficiently as possible through the peak months of each year.


Another important thing to check and replace regularly is the air filters for the air handler. Always having a clean air filter will ensure maximum air flow and thus maximum efficiency. For best results, a person should check all of their air filters in their home at least once a month. Once they collect a layer of dust it is then time to go ahead and change out the air filters.

Attic Fans

Having an attic fan is not technically part of the heat and air system but it can play a very important role in the heating and cooling of a house. When installed a person should almost immediately notice a drop in the electric bill. The reason is the attic fan helps circulate the air in the attic and reduces the buildup of excess heat, which will find its way back into the home. This will of course make the heat and air system have to work even harder and thus increase electric bill and even overall maintenance of the heat and air system.


A person can also install a programmable thermostat if they have not already done so which can help to prolong the life of a heat and air system as well as help to reduce the total electric bill each month. Program it to run two degrees warmer in the summer time or two degrees cooler in the winter time and a person will notice a dramatic change in their electric bill. This combined with regular checkups from a Heat And Air Loveland contracting company can mean a longer life of the heat and air system.

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