Aug 4, 2015

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Maintain Your Unit To Avoid AC Repairs In Bradenton, FL

Maintain Your Unit To Avoid AC Repairs In Bradenton, FL

When the summer months are here, electric bills are high enough without having to pay more because your air conditioning unit isn’t working efficiently. Of course, malfunctions and breakdowns can happen, but by maintaining your air conditioning unit properly, you can be sure that it’s running efficiently and it may prevent many ac repairs in Bradenton FL. Some maintenance tips are for the condenser and compressor usually located outside of the home, and others are for the evaporator and blower, inside the home. Most are common sense, but unfortunately not thought about until it’s too late and money has been wasted.

Outdoors, the large condenser/compressor unit that houses the fan should always be kept weed and debris free. Nothing should be put close to the unit to impede air flow, this includes trash, boxes or even landscape plants. The top of this unit can be opened to ensure no debris is inside. If there is an accumulation of leaves or other debris, it is recommended to either wash the area with a regular hose or remove any items, by hand, that could potentially damage the unit during its operation.

The blower and evaporator unit of the air conditioner is located inside the home. It is important to ensure the evaporator coils are clean and free from dust so they work efficiently. Likewise, the drain pan must be flowing freely, as it frequently may clog with mold due to the damp environment. If mold is visible, it’s recommended to pour a small amount of bleach into the pan to avoid additional growth. One of the most simple, yet overlooked ways to keep the air conditioning unit running efficiently is to change the filter. Though, in some climates it’s recommended to change the filter seasonally, in Florida, due to the warmth and humidity, it’s usually recommended to change the filter monthly. This allows the unit to readily take in air, without overworking. This is especially important with pets in the house or during pollen season. The harder the unit works, the more energy it expends and the quicker it will need to be replaced.

These simple maintenance tasks can be done by most homeowners. Of course, always remember to shut off the unit first, to avoid injury. Utility bills are expensive enough. Help your unit run efficiently and avoid AC repairs in Bradenton FL with proper maintenance.

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