Dec 10, 2013

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Maintain Your Comfort With Proper Air Conditioning Service Muskegon

Maintain Your Comfort With Proper Air Conditioning Service Muskegon

Central air conditioning and heating systems have become a way of life for many people. Since their development many decades ago these forced air appliances have become a household standard for most newly constructed homes. Plus, they have been retrofitted in many older homes which had lesser heating systems such as individual gas heaters and have been used as a replacement for numerous aging boiler systems. This combination gives the homeowner the benefit of warm temperatures in the winter with excellent heat management for those balmy summer days.

However, as these appliances age they begin to need regular maintenance to keep them running properly and to ensure you get the full life of the product. The best way to gain this longevity is with the purchase of a routine maintenance plain with your favorite Air Conditioning Service Muskegon. Most maintenance plans cover basic items such as cleaning the A/C, verifying the refrigerant level and testing the thermostat and other electronics.

Air conditioning systems come in several basic types, but they all rely on a similar principle. Simply speaking, your A/C is a heat pump which works with two simple coils and a condenser or compressor. The condensing system pumps a refrigerant into a room or other area which collects the residual heat. The heat is collected at the coil and then transferred via the refrigerant to the other coil for release. In most air conditioners the interior coil collects this heat and it is then released through an exterior coil into the great outdoors. While this actually seems backwards from how it appears to function the principle works for most refrigerated equipment.

Along with the regular maintenance service your system will require, you will also need Air Conditioning Service Muskegon whenever the A/C fails. Very few air conditioning systems have any user serviceable components inside. However, not all A/C service companies repair every model of air conditioner available. For example, many companies will not work on the simple window based A/C units. This is why it’s very important to define the unit you have when you discuss the problem with your A/C repair contractor. Thankfully, companies like Refrigeration Heating & Cooling install, maintain and repair a large variety of models to help you maintain a cool and comfortable home or business.

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