Maintain that Smart Look with Slip on Safety Shoes

Safety is a factor that needs to be considered at all times. The feet may be among the last body parts that you think of providing extra care for because they are covered most of the time. A shoe that covers the whole foot may mean extra warmth for the feet but not necessarily extra protection from other factors.

Safety shoes provide extra protection for your feet just as the name suggests. They have guards that keep your foot from being crushed or stubbed by sharp or heavy objects. The impact may be there but it will not cause as much damage as it would have if there was no guard. The guard is usually metallic but can be made of plastic or another material.

The idea of safety shoes brings to mind a huge shoe that covers your whole foot. You may even picture it having zips and laces shut to enhance the safety function. This is not always so. There are safety shoes that are not that extreme. An example is slip on safety shoes.

These shoes have safety features just like any other safety shoes. They will very often feature a heel that absorbs shock, an anti-slip sole and a toe guard at the front. The difference with these shoes is that they have no laces or any other type of fastening. All you have to do is slide your foot in and you are good to go.


These shoes provide comfort to the wearer at all times while protecting their feet. Comfort is essential for any footwear because you may end up with aching feet at the end of the day if your shoes are not comfortable.

Easy to wear

Laces tend to be very tedious. If you have not quite mastered the art of tying shoe laces they may keep coming undone. Fastening and refastening them is quite time consuming. Slip on safety shoes require none of this and will end up saving you time.

Ideal for those with trouble bending

Some individuals may have an issue with their backs. Bending may be a problem for them and so bending to tie shoelaces may be a little difficult. These shoes allow them to put them on without having to bend.

Slip on safety shoes can be worn to work without looking too conspicuous. They are available for both men and women and in various colors. The most common colors are black and white just like any other shoes.

Different types of shoes exist on the market. There are specific shoes for certain jobs. You can find most safety shoes for men and women at Michigan Industrial Shoe.

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