Dec 30, 2014

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Luxury Manhattan Apartments: Finding the Apartment of Your Dreams

Luxury Manhattan Apartments: Finding the Apartment of Your Dreams

Looking for the perfect apartment in Manhattan can be an overwhelming task. With the vast amount of entertainment, elegant boutiques and international cuisine, luxury Manhattan apartments are in high demand. Manhattan apartments are some of the most expensive and the most desirable within the city’s five boroughs. So, in order to find the apartment of your dreams, it is important you formulate an apartment-buying plan.

Developing a Plan

The plan should include deciding what features and amenities you want, the number of minimum bedrooms and baths and an estimated square footage. One of the most important factors of a good plan is knowing your budget. Luxury Manhattan apartments come in a variety of price ranges, so without a budget it will be easy to fall in love with an apartment in which you cannot afford. Another important consideration is the condition of the apartment. For example, do you want an apartment which is move-in ready or would you prefer to design and furnish the apartment to you specific style? Knowing the answers to these questions in advance will help your real estate agent narrow your search.

Being Prepared

Luxury Manhattan apartments often sell as soon as they are put on the market. In order to make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to buy the apartment of your dreams, be prepared to make a realistic offer which you know you can afford. Before going to view any apartments, it is important to first get pre-approved for a mortgage. A pre-approval not only allows you to know exactly how much you can spend, but it also shows the real estate agent and the current apartment owner you have the funding to buy the apartment.

Where to Find Available Luxury Manhattan Apartments

Listings for Manhattan apartments are available online and in a variety of printed sources. Whether you prefer searching online or in print, be sure to narrow your search to the specific borough you are interested, the price and the available amenities. It is often easier to contact a real estate agent who has a successful history of finding the best luxury Manhattan apartments. When hiring a real estate agent it is important to be as specific as possible about what type of apartment you are interested in. This will save both you and the real estate agent time.

Timing is everything, so when you find an apartment you feel you could live in, make an offer immediately. You should also be prepared to negotiate an offer. Once your offer is accepted, you can begin the closing process. While it isn’t required to hire a real estate agent, it is beneficial, as an agent will be able to write your offer, negotiate the price and the terms and settle the offer once the current owner accepts it.

Search to explore some of the most luxurious apartments available in Manhattan.

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